Static Field Meters

Static Field Meters 


Static Electricity Locator -A must for everyone to "see" static field. Pocket-size. Essential and affordable tool to help protect against the damage that can cause static electricity and also to verify the effectiveness of undertaken measures to prevent the damage by static electricity.


 Digital Display Fieldmeter with Lather Case.     


Field meter with the measurement of ion balance. It is one of the best devices on the market for measuring static field.      


The device detects and measures the intensity and polarity of electrostatic fields.


Field meter with the measurement of ion balance. Range: ~ ? 1.50 kV (low range), ? 1.0 ~ ? 22.0 kV (high range). Distance from measured surface: 25 mm ? 0.5. Accuracy: ? 10%. Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C. Large backlit LCD display. Supply: 9V battery (average life of 30 hours of use). Accessories: Ion Balance PLATE: 1, Ground Cord: 1 (With alligator...

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